Managing Property in the Cloud

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Once the building is finished, the managing of the building begins. And that means technology. One of the go-to systems for construction and real estate managers has been Sage 300 CRE (Construction and Real Estate) and Sage has enhanced it with Sage Intacct cloud financial management system. The solution combines the long-trusted, solid foundation of Property Management with Sage Intacct’s proven multi-tenant cloud platform.

Sage Intacct Real Estate allows for full lease abstract tracking and provides automatic reminders of important dates, including renewal options, lease expirations, and more. Additionally, users can automate management fee calculations, as well as expense recoveries for common area maintenance, real estate taxes, and more.

A native cloud solution, Sage Intacct Real Estate provides the same functionality of Sage 300 CRE Property Management, with the added benefits of being in the cloud, including the increased flexibility and convenience of being able to access the system from any web browser. The solution is designed to support multiple tenants in one space, or multiple spaces for one tenant.

This latter feature is particularly critical due to the rapid escalation of sublease space. As more companies look to sublease space, it is important that landlords can track the original lease signee and a new tenant who may now be occupying the space.

Sage has made it clear that they are committed to helping meet the needs of construction and real estate professionals by enabling them to migrate their solutions to the cloud when they are ready. The company has found many of their SMB (small to medium business) customers, across industries, are looking for technology providers to give them a greater level of control over their businesses.

During the chaos of the early pandemic years, with employees working remote, companies found their technology needs changing almost daily. Turning to a trusted name, like Sage, was a logical step in the effort to make sense out of the disruption. Sage responded with tried-and-true products and gained insights along the way. One result was a brand refresh.

Sage recently announced that every customer would get automatic access to the benefits of Sage Membership, starting with Member Masterclass rolling out this month. Member Masterclass offers human insights through talks and articles from the world’s leading experts and trailblazers on the challenges that are most important for businesses today.

In addition, Sage has new digital network services including giving SMBs access to essential accounting and bookkeeping tools directly via their bank app or web browser. The refresh includes a new brand architecture, visual and verbal identity, and product portfolio migration strategy.

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