RvK: The environment becomes the interface. (2003)

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RvK: The environment becomes the interface. (2003)
29/10/2021 – 09:01

Not between friend or foe an act of will has to decide!
An act of will decides who is the real and who is the absolute enemy (Carl Schmitt’s distinction). The absolute enemy is, according to him, ‘die eigene Frage als Gestalt’.
Would it be too easy? too rhetorical? too smooth to claim as a new beginning the lived experience in which the real and absolute enemy coincide in one and the very same citizen’s body? Nothing heroic, no drama, lines not of the Bard but just the baker saying – not at all distinctively- “Good morning, sir.”
Ah, how do I feel this to be. Once my real enemy – time – always time, reformat her as memory. The absolute enemy – space – always space, reformat her as scale. And now, now as in decisive or not-now, they coincide inside this being that is me. I say ‘is’. I do not say ‘become’.
It is this that I believe to be the decisive new beginning of the 21st century.
By this I mean the exchangeability of time and space in places that are mediated with computational processes that generate not data (linked to other data) but information (linked to human beings). In these places where computational processes have disappeared into the background, into everyday objects – both the real and the subject become contested.
The environment becomes the interface.

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