2021 BALKAN LAW & TECH SUMMIT : Innovation and Democracy in SE Europe

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2021 BALKAN LAW & TECH SUMMIT : Innovation and Democracy in SE Europe
4/10/2021 – 10:48

2021 BALKAN LAW & TECH SUMMIT : Innovation and Democracy in SE Europe
Wednesday, October 20th 2021 – 3:00 PM (CEST)

Following the first Balkan Law and Tech Summit 2019 on the 4th Industrial Revolution in the Region, organized by the European Law Observatory on New Technologies in Thessaloniki , Greece , we are looking forward to welcoming you to the 2021 virtual edition.

Co-organized by the European Law Observatory on New Technologies-ELONTech and the Internet of Things-IoT Council, this year’s agenda will cover topics such as : the digitalization of Justice, AI and connectivity, the digital rights and innovation infrastructure strategy in Balkans, the 5G war.

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The Summit will be virtual , in english and free.
The Sessions and Agenda with guest Speakers, soon to be announced.

The digitalization of Justice and the indicators of the political and societal progress in the Region.

“We need more Europe”.
But where? In the popular big cities or the southeastern towns?
The EU digital revolution ship has sailed with the Balkans left behind in the quay.
Who is introducing the 4th Industrial Revolution to the Western Balkans, then?
As the world is shifting towards political systems that are techno-political (the term to use is Cyber-physical Systems), it reverts back to the bipolar order of the Cold War, not in terms of ideology but in terms of data strategies.
On the one hand the data hegemony of the large US companies, on the other hand the Chinese integration of infrastructure, services, applications with administrative management. The battlefield is the Balkans. In some countries we see the upper hand of GAFA and in others we see the influence of China.
In this virtual Summit we ask the question: Where is Europe? And what would the real purpose and direction be for the newest EU members?
EU is still the regulatory powerhouse of the world, but for how long if it is not coupled with infrastructural power and a real sense of mission?
We explore the level of digitalization of justice in the SE Europe and we try to measure the active influence of Europe Digital Market to Balkans.
In this seminar we want to map the current situation and raise the awareness of what geopolotical strategies are operating in what many consider to the Europe’s backyard, in reality it’s centre.

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