petervan: Programmable Money and Identity

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petervan: Programmable Money and Identity
1/09/2021 – 08:55

I suddenly realized that the difference between Account-based money and Token-based money also applied to identity.

In other words, just like money, also identity is an asset (it always was), and it can be represented as a Claim (Account) or as an Object (Token)

During my 2003 Microsoft project, I was lucky enough to be exposed to more advanced  identity thinking by wise people like Kim Cameron and the other folks from The Internet Identity Workshop gang, and I got quite familiar with their thinking of certified identity claims or claims-based identity.

But only now, I realized that both Money and Identity can be account- or token-based, and that token-based is probably what’s going to help us make progress, because it makes identity and money programmable.”

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