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Rajat Modi
31/08/2021 – 11:29

Product Owner of IoTConnect – IoTConnect is a full-fledged Platform as a Service (PaaS). This horizontal IoT platform allows for device communication and management, data storage, app creation and enablement, robust security protocols and implementation of data science methodologies
Defining the Architecture for the Custom IoT platform for the client’s needs.
Closely worked with Microsoft Azure IoT Suite, AWS IoT, Docker, and many open-source IoT and Big Data technologies like Kafka, Sqoop, Spark, Cassandra, Logstash.
Evaluated connectors that can be connected to the Cassandra and based upon ETL it showcased all data on data visualization platforms like Power Bi, Tableau.
Working with SaaS-based models like Smart Factory, Connected Worker, and other solutions which are more useful in the IoT and trending technologies markets.
Wrote maintainable and extensible code in a team environment.
Implemented designs, including experimentation and multiple iterations.
Modified existing software to correct errors, upgrade interfaces and improve performance.
Consulted with engineering staff to evaluate the interface between hardware and software.
Interfaced with business analysts, developers, and technical support to determine the best requirement specifications.
Worked closely with other team members to plan, design, and develop robust solutions in a timely manner. 

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