Session: Making Testbeds Interoperable

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Session: Making Testbeds Interoperable
28/08/2021 – 08:44

The interoperable testbed federations permit to test and use new technological developments linked to the Internet in real conditions. The assessment of the scalability of such recent developments can be done in federated and interoperable testbeds. New use cases can be elaborated and implemented in interoperable testbed federations through realistic experiments. The federation and the interconnection of different testbeds are done through standardized open APIs which are currently in phase of standardization by the organizations involved in this session. Such open APIs making the testbeds interoperable allow the optimal exploitation of the resources provided by the testbeds through novel experiments validating new ICT services and solutions.
The session will present the advancement of standardization of open APIs for interoperable testbed federations. A panel will interact with the audience after the presentations.

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