Niels ten Oever: Human Rights Are Not a Bug

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Niels ten Oever: Human Rights Are Not a Bug
26/08/2021 – 09:17

“The Internet plays a crucial role in our increasingly digital daily lives. But who shapes and governs the patchwork that enables this essential utility? And how do their actions bear on the rights and interests of users all over the world?

In June, a malfunction in the content delivery network (CDN) Fastly took down large parts of the Internet. The same happened weeks ago with an outage by another CDN, Akamai. These outages rekindled a discussion on the roles and responsibilities of Internet infrastructure providers that goes beyond questions about security and reliability, but gets into the human costs of corporate domination of our digital worlds.
As a researcher in Internet infrastructure, I recently published a comprehensive report in which I argue that human rights impact assessments should be mainstream in the design, operation, and maintenance of communication infrastructures.”

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