Rich Handley: Barring the Barcode

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Rich Handley: Barring the Barcode
9/08/2021 – 09:07

“According to Retail Info Systems, the ubiquitous machine-readable identifier is finally fading into obsolescence as retailers embrace cutting-edge technologies like RFID.
Aug 08, 2021Paradigm shifts take time, as evidenced by the gradual evolution of the barcode, a popular method of visually representing data in a machine-readable form. The concept for barcodes goes back to 1932, when Wallace Flint proposed the notion of automating the retail checkout process. The technological limitations at the time prevented his idea from coming to fruition for nearly two decades, though Flint would go on play a significant role in the development of the universal product code (UPC), which has long been printed on retail packaging to allow product identification.”

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