RvK: Why Disposable Identities are inevitable 

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RvK: Why Disposable Identities are inevitable 
6/08/2021 – 14:40

The premise underlying the concept of identity itself is false, situated along the axis of trust versus distrust, as if a precondition to ‘trust’ exists, as if a position exists that can be matched, fulfilled, checked. 
That position is always empty, temporarily occupied by force by an arbitrary issuer of ‘trust’, as if it were a product that could be made, achieved, bought or sold. 
As we are in a time of eschaton, a moment in which the information gathered by sensors in datasets is actuating back into our everyday objects and services (energy grids, connected cars, wearables) this realization – normally dormant in societal institutional practices, temporarily solidified – it was predictable (and predicted) that identity of people, objects and events (i.e. formatted templates of behaviour of people and machines) becomes the focal point of the new models of governance and the new notion of value itself. 

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