Cloaking system using optoelectronically controlled camouflage

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Cloaking system using optoelectronically controlled camouflage
1/08/2021 – 10:00

“The Cloaking System is designed to operate in the visible light spectrum, utilizes optoelectronics and/or photonic components to conceal an object within it, and employs analog or digital control feedback resulting in camouflage adaptable to a changing background. The system effectively conceals either a still or moving object from view by the interposing of a shield between an observer and the object and recreating a full color synthetic image of the background on the shield for viewing by observer, thus creating the illusion of transparency of both the object and the Cloaking System. This system consists of four major elements: a sensor; a signal processor; a shield; and a means of interconnecting, supporting, and safely enclosing the aforementioned elements along with the concealed object.”

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