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Will Piper
29/07/2021 – 13:28


Will is Head of Partnerships at SeeChange, a startup focusing on solving real-world problems using a combination of AI, Computer Vision and IoT edge technology.

Will is a BA graduate in History from University of Leeds (2013) who has held a number of commercial roles at leading tech orgs (Atos, Blackbaud, Arm) prior to becoming Head of Partnerships at SeeChange. His interest in IoT has been long-standing but being at the forefront of the AI/CV industry has accelerated this. He is keen to network with anyone and everyone from the IoT Council and beyond.
Originally established within Arm Holdings’ incubator programme in 2018 as ‘Arm Insight’, SeeChange spun out from Arm in October 2020 and is now focused on solving problems for retailers using Computer Vision such as shelf compliance detection, spillage detection and theft prevention. Our ‘models’ are trained to detect specific people, objects or interactions in real-time, giving staff members the ability to make decisions or report incidents in real-time. SeeChange has gone from strength to strength since its inception and can now count a number of leading retailers and SIs as its partners.

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