Custodianship Discussion Document

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Custodianship Discussion Document
29/07/2021 – 13:09

Custodianship Discussion Document:A Guardianship Arrangement for people who don’t need Guardians?
Author: Nicky Hickman, Jo Spencer, Kaliya Young, Aamir Abdullah, Jeff Aresty, Rieks Joosten

Date: June 2021

Purpose of this document    1
Where does Custodianship come from?    1
Problem Definition    2
Key Questions to answer    6
Differentiating Custodianship & Guardianship in SSI    7
The Yoma Governance Framework Requirement    7
Inputs to Custodian Requirements    8

Purpose of this document
    •    Describe the problem that Custodianship solves and why it is needed

    •    Identify key questions to answer and generate discussion around these and other questions

    •    Get advice and recommendations from the Guardianship WG at Sovrin and other experts on requirements, policies and rules that are needed for the Yoma Governance Framework

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