The 4th Annual Edge AI Summit

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The 4th Annual Edge AI Summit
23/07/2021 – 08:57

The benefits of edge AI are clear – it will help to bring real-time AI to industries and places where connectivity is limited, data privacy is integral, and bandwidth is a costly burden. However, turning edge AI proof of concepts into real-world applications is challenging – this is where we are here to help!
The 4th Annual Edge AI Summit will explore common talking points of real-world use cases to show you how to bring AI to ultra-low-power microwatt applications at the ‘sensor edge’ to large milliwatt examples at the device edge up to the non-power constrained ‘server-network edge’.
We will be helping industries interfacing edge computing and artificial intelligence including transport, consumer electronics, industrial automation, manufacturing, medical devices, and more!
– 18/11/2021

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