Emma Mahy: Overcoming public sector barriers to IoT implementation

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Emma Mahy: Overcoming public sector barriers to IoT implementation
21/07/2021 – 10:30

“With a myriad of possible applications, the Internet of Things has become an important part of modern life, and has revolutionised the way that we live, work, and interact as a society. 

Capable of delivering instant insights via real-time reporting that allow for more proactive responses to be made, IoT has the potential to enhance many aspects of the public sector and the services it provides – not only in terms of the quality of those services, but also in enabling local authorities’ to save costs and allocate resources more efficiently. 

Though a small number of councils across England have already started to recognise the benefits that IoT can bring them and the communities that they serve – a report by IoT UK, for example, found that roughly 40% of local authorities have made some form of investment in health-related IoT solutions – the technology still faces an array of considerable challenges before it can be adopted on a significantly wider scale.”

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