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WSJ Tech Live
15/07/2021 – 09:26

2020 became the year we couldn’t live without technology. From remote work, school and happy hours powered by video conferencing to the instant gratification delivered by e-commerce and on-demand delivery to the comforts of binge-watching television and films on streaming platforms—big tech fueled the essential tools of our lives, shepherding a new and lasting landscape for business, regulation and the economy.

WSJ Tech Live convenes the executives, thinkers, regulators, creators and outsiders who are driving this new era of rapid transformation. Across three days, our hybrid program investigates the forces that are changing business, media and technology from inside out with in-depth conversations covering the following areas:

●    The Stay-At-Home Economy: the pandemic surge changed shopping, delivery, gaming and fitness, but also led to the rise of retail investors and entrepreneurs who leveraged online forums and marketplaces—what habits are fleeting and what is here to stay?
●    The Shortage Economy: semiconductor suppliers have been playing catch up throughout the pandemic, trying to meet increased demand for home appliances and cars, while delicately managing ongoing U.S.-China political friction. Where will the companies who rely most on chips land and how does that translate to consumers?
●    The Creator Economy: the worlds of Hollywood and Silicon Valley continue to blend as streamers compete for subscribers and top creative projects that can break through. How does this compete with the rise and appeal of social media apps and audio-first platforms in the battle for our attention? What does this mean for the traditional box office?
●    The Sharing Economy: as the U.S. reopens the demand for home-sharing, ride-sharing and other rental services have surged. What is the outlook for these businesses to retain their pre-pandemic users?
●    The Hybrid Economy: with offices reopening across the country, what is the forecast for remote work, physical office space and the tech tools that will maintain connection to both worlds?
●    The App Economy: while Apple continues to double-down on privacy, Facebook makes a play to cater to creators. Meanwhile app developers no longer want to accept giving 15 to 30% of their business to Apple and Google stores. A looming antitrust lawsuit between Apple and Epic Games could reshape the industry entirely. A look inside the booming app market and what to expect.
●    The Regulation Agenda: the third day of WSJ Tech Live moves to Washington, D.C. gathering lawmakers, regulators and academics influencing the policies that govern big tech for a half-day program. We’ll be back with an interactive Town Hall that dissects Section 230 and misinformation, along with an update on big tech and antirust.

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