Let’s call it poetry: New teams of knowledge are needed as we move to system of systems.

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Let’s call it poetry: New teams of knowledge are needed as we move to system of systems.
10/07/2021 – 09:47

Recent disclosures or attempts to not disclose, hint at the impossibility to rule out other forms of intelligence in space. Former President Obama says: “What is true, and I’m actually being serious here, is that there is footage and records of objects in the skies that we don’t know exactly what they are.” It seems that now is the time to create a new narrative and bring in people and positions thought to be incompatible with science, facts and realistic assessments used to build strategic policies. In a text from 2003 (Real Rules of Innovation for the 21st Century (Part 3)) I wrote: The swiftness and speed of the communicative response to the digital, what can it be but the sensual recognition of our intrinsic abilities to experience thought and alchemistic (read: growth and change) processes directly and intuitively? Let us suggest for a moment that we are going backwards, an interesting proposition, that as it calls for a moratorium on moving towards defies the very idea of closure, as it calls for a moratorium on the making of things defies the very idea of process as a generic concept, as it calls for a moratorium on going forward defies the very idea of teleology. We are going backwards. We are recreating through what we perceive as technological devices our modes of experiencing communicative connectivities in various modes of intelligence.” The speed, scope and ability of Internet of Things to eat every other new technology starts to make sense at systems of systems level as we see in China: full stack integration up to UX. Our planet Earth is already a spaceship tumbling in vast space, but up until now it had no bridge, no actual space for other systems of systems to dock. The key to what was missing is the notion and practical actualization of the digital twin at system of systems level capable of holistically communicating with each and every one of its connected objects. Let’s imagine an intelligence from space trying to communicate not just data, but information and knowledge. Would it not first have to help to build the capabilities for the receiving party to engage in formal ways of understanding it? If that is the case then the quality and granularity of what makes us human should lead the strategic roadmap towards such a global cybernetics. And this means that the dichotomy between hard science and pseudo science should be re-evaluated in order to have the best possible human input. In short, we have to build a new team capable of accelerating or slowing down these trajectories.

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