Claire Swedberg: Where’s the Toilet? IoT Knows the Answer

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Claire Swedberg: Where’s the Toilet? IoT Knows the Answer
10/07/2021 – 09:55

“U.K. technology company Foresolutions, using Digital Matter sensors, is providing companies with the location and status of remote items like porta potties, construction tools and air-traffic equipment.
Jul 09, 2021Internet of Things (IoT) technologies have been foraying into such challenging applications as the real-time tracking of goods and assets at remote locations, even if they lack a power source. Traditionally, hard-to-track assets have included portable toilets that are often deployed in remote locations where the only way to confirm their status is to send workers to each site. U.K.-based technology company  Foresolutions is providing battery-powered IoT devices from IoT hardware company  Digital Matter and its own software for managing non-powered items, such as mobile toilets or equipment used to load and maintain aircraft at airports.”

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