Gareth Willmer: Creating a long-term vision for IoT

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Gareth Willmer: Creating a long-term vision for IoT
6/07/2021 – 10:12

“From monetising traffic to international regulations, Gareth Willmer examines the road ahead for IoT and the advances on the horizon
The Internet of Things holds the promise of connecting billions more devices over the coming years, with multiple opportunities in segments from sensors and connected cars to full-blown smart cities. But the IoT market appears to be at a key juncture, with the advent of 5G and the need to work out how best to operate and coordinate global platforms to support the new types of delivery required to profit from massive IoT.
“IoT requires a long-term vision and significant investment,” says Michele Mackenzie, an analyst at Analysys Mason. Yet this will need to be achieved amid challenges in the market. “High levels of competition… and the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic have put pressure on connectivity pricing and IoT revenue,” she says.”

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