Ken Sinclair: “Pushing Digital Dinosaurs”

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Ken Sinclair: “Pushing Digital Dinosaurs”
11/06/2021 – 10:25

….”A great account of the necessary failure before success which answered a lot of questions I had about how we got where we are with IoT today. Reminded me of our start-up in 1999 The scope, the numbers, and the need for everyone to work with their piece of the puzzle yet have it fit the desired solution. This raises the question, are we just at the start of our journey? Does our “General Magic” that we do now daily need to evolve rapidly in the new world of AI? AR? Mobile Experience? And what is next? Will, our services be mixed in ways we can not now imaging…Yes!    As the space in time seems familiar to me, in 1999 we had browser wars, search engine wars, who would be the Internet provider? The  turning of all business in to .com, dot-bomb with the over-investment in vaporware – Our first article ”The concept of a large building as an internet identity with its own web address is now the latest step in presenting and managing your AutomatedBuildings. Has several comments that never came to pass.”

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