NGI Forward Salon: LIGHTest/Trust Infrastructure

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NGI Forward Salon: LIGHTest/Trust Infrastructure
9/06/2021 – 12:07

NGI Forward Salon: LIGHTest/Trust Infrastructure
June 17, 2021 @ 12:00 – 13:00 Europe/Brussels Timezone

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eSSIF-Lab NGI Forward NGI Salon

The challenge of decentralized trust is not entirely new. Trading, for example, has always involved trust and risk. Whether it is for barter, or for promissory notes. Before modern communication, when trading with someone you did not know, you would take up references from someone you did trust. The longer the distance, the more difficult and risky that was. Long-distance trading sometimes involved family members, travelling and becoming established in those distant locations. In the Twenty-First Century, sophisticated methods to provide that trust between counterparties have been developed, but still rely on someone to provide the references. These now take the form of ‘Trusted Third Parties’ who may be regulated from within an industry itself, or through legislation, to provide ‘certification’. So, how do you obtain the details of the certifications that you need to satisfy acceptable risk and build trust?

These question are becoming all the more interesting and necessary as we move towards digital identity management.
The recently published eID Regulation proposes a world of wallets under the control of the user.
Alongside these developments we need technical solutions yes but we also need custodians (actors that can help you recover keys) and education, maybe especially of the boomers and above, as the crypto generation seems to be getting used to ledgers and wallets.

12:00 Welcome and introduction: Oskar van Deventer (TNO, eSSIF-Lab coordinator)
12:05 Trust in digital transactions: the LIGHTest/Train approach – Heiko Roßnagel & Michael Kubach(Fraunhofer IAO)
12:25 Establishing trust in SSI: the SICPA Bridge, TRAIN and SSI eIDAS Bridge developed in NGI ESSIF-Lab – Michael Kubach (Fraunhofer IAO), Victor Martinez Jurado (SICPA SA), Xavier Vila (Validated ID)
12:35 Live Demo: The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) as an illustrative use case
12:45 Discussion

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