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Friedhelm Becker
7/06/2021 – 08:19


Friedhelm Becker is a free inventor. He was born in 1952. 
After successfully graduating the study of chemistry, he worked in a laboratory for material examination for three years. Subsequently he joined the German Armed Forces for eight years. He is a retired naval officer. After leaving military services he served renowned companies in the fields of computer manufacturing (Univac, Sperry, UNISYS) and aerospace (Lockheed Martin) in various assignments. From 1974 through 2020, he continuously worked in the field of computer-supported sensor-effector-integration.
During his career, he acquired and applied the following qualifications, among others:
    Material testing,
    Development of materials to comply with given requirements,
    Statistics,
    Programming,
    Linear Programming,
    Digital technologies,
    Computer hardware,
    Operating systems,
    Real time systems,
    System design,
    Failure analysis,
    Quality assurance,
    Schooling technics, and
    Project management.

Friedhelm is married, father of three daughters and grandfather of four grandchildren.

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