CareerPivot to AI Ethics Masterclass on Business School of AI

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 CareerPivot to AI Ethics Masterclass on Business School of AI
5/06/2021 – 16:29

This course from Sudha Jamthe will prepare students to work in a variety of jobs related to building ethical AI inside companies. In addition to teaching the essentials about AI Ethics, this course will focus on preparing anyone with a Product/Program/Operations/HR background to transfer their current skills to fill AI Ethics job roles.

The course will be taught live on June 10, 17 and 24 as two hour modules.
    •    Jun 10 – Learn Data Ethics with a live No-Code AI Ethics online lab. No prior knowledge of data or coding is required.
    •    June 17 – Learn to build AI and how to careerpivot to relevant roles in the masterclass taught by Ankita Joshi of General Motors, based on her work as AV safety engineer.
    •    June 24th – Learn how to help customers build ethical AI in the masterclass led by Diya Wynn of Amazon AWS.

Here’s the free AI Ethics Webinar and AI Ethics Jobs Review Webinar recordings.


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