Smart assistants in Russia: market overview, trends and prospects

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Smart assistants in Russia: market overview, trends and prospects
1/06/2021 – 08:32

At the end of April, SberDevices opened beta testing of the Visper platform to create a virtual presenter which can read a text like a live speaker. It is the first year when Sberbank deals with digital avatars: Nika, a presence robot, was launched in 2018, and Elena, a virtual news anchor, was launched in 2019, the patent for the technology of creating human facial expressions based on text was obtained by the company in 2020. Last year Group introduced its platform with digital presenters.

Against the background of developing smart assistants, there is a trend of developing voice assistants beyond the voice only approach, that means developing voice assistants not limited only to voice interface.

ICT.Moscow spoke with key players of this market in Russia and foreign industry representatives to understand what is happening with the digital assistant industry now and what are the main trends in the near future. A complex picture of the industry has been formed on the basis of the opinions of 17 experts has formed a complex picture of the industry.

The main trends are: the development of multimodality of smart assistants; experimenting with device formats and user interaction mechanics; the growing expectation of secure and convenient voice commerce; hopes and concerns related to voice identification of users; the increased use of smart assistants in business. Here are some aspects of smart assistants that ICT.Moscow discussed with the representatives of the industry.

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