The State of Decentralization Report

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The State of Decentralization Report
28/04/2021 – 23:33

The State of Decentralization Report measures and surfaces insights on the adoption of public and private distributed ledger technologies (DLTs) across various roles, industries, geographies, use cases, and company sizes. The report for 2021 will be used as a baseline for subsequent yearly reports and used to assess changes and trends in adoption over time. 

The State of Decentralization Report was generated through a series of survey responses from 925 respondents, between December 2020 and January 2021. Survey respondents are individuals already building or seeking to build decentralized applications (dapps) on public, private, or hybrid DLT networks. Respondents include those within the Hedera Hashgraph community, the Hedera Governing Council, and members of other various DLT ecosystems. Due to an outsized response from the Hedera Hashgraph community, this report will inherently lean towards those building on the Hedera network. In subsequent annual surveys, the goal will be to further decentralize responses across an even broader set of participants. 


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