John Maeda: Technology Disrupts at Two Different Speeds

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John Maeda: Technology Disrupts at Two Different Speeds
2/03/2021 – 08:34

….”A specific invention is one that only does a single thing. Whereas steam power, electricity, and computing all provide a driving force that can be applied in many areas. Technologies with broad, general applications take an inordinate amount of time to truly take hold over society in a disruptive way. More narrow inventions, however, like an electric mixer for commercial bakery usage, or a parking meter that takes coins so that a human parking attendant isn’t required, find widespread adoption much more quickly. It’s like the proverbial difficulty to find “product market fit” for a specific startup idea compared to the whole different scale of finding “society market fit” for a paradigm that can impact almost every facet of one’s life.”

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