Highlights from CES 2021

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It’s January 2021, and the world we live in today is different than the world we lived in last January. The annual CES show reflected this reality. Several things were different about this year’s conference, which wrapped up last week. First and foremost, CES was 100% virtual. And while healthcare is always present at CES, there was a unique focus on pandemic-inspired devices and solutions in 2021. And yet, it was still CES. There was still a lot of dramatic flair in the presentations, even though there was no live audience to experience them in person. There were still a lot of compelling (sometimes off-the-wall) products—like ColdSnap, an instant ice-cream-making machine, rollable smartphones, robots (e.g., Samsung’s BotHandy), smart-home devices à la Lasso’s smart recycling machine, and even a smart fridge that makes “craft ice”, aka spherical ice cubes. Key trends this year included transportation, next-gen computing and productivity tools, and health and wellness.

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