James Stavridis: Cybersecurity — the rest of the iceberg

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James Stavridis: Cybersecurity — the rest of the iceberg
7/12/2020 – 08:03

….”As we enter 2021, almost half-a-century later, we know that a world in which 50 billion devices are connected to the internet is a world of extraordinary convenience, limitless knowledge and computational power — but also a world with a vast threat surface. We therefore must make sure the nation is prepared for cyberattacks, and protecting the frontlines will clearly require private-public cooperation. To do this most effectively, we must move the nascent public-private partnership model beyond basic information-sharing to true operational collaboration, with the government and the private sector working shoulder-to-shoulder. Only then can we understand, prevent, defend against and indeed preempt attackers. The recent bipartisan and highly-regarded Cyberspace Solarium Commission study has powerfully and recently validated this private-public approach. “

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