NGI FORWARD CA leader of the WP4 think tank: Digital Europe: The bigger picture

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NGI FORWARD CA leader of the WP4 think tank: Digital Europe: The bigger picture
2/12/2020 – 09:38

As our world completes the shift from analogue to digital, rules are changing. As algorithms, AI and machine-learning are applied to ever more areas of life, automated decision-making is becoming ubiquitous, impacting each and all of us in new ways – desirable or otherwise. Put together, these many automated decision-processes will have an awesome world-shaping power in small and large ways none of us can yet fully comprehend. But there is one important thing we know already: all of these processes will require and consume enormous amount of data and, above all, personal data. Those automated decisions are  made not on the human apprehension of reality but on a composite made of data streams from which the machine learns, adjusting decisions overtime. Control over these data streams (where “control” means ruling over their definition, collection, access and processing)  will come to define power as control over territories and populations living in them long did ..this will become true also, and perhaps especially,for governments.

In some ways, rules have already changed. As data is the new source of future value, identity becomes the main issue.. Until now, sovereign governments controlled the data and process of issuance for the strongest form of identity: legal identity – on which all softer proofs of identity ultimately rested.  But identity – that is the system of proof and verification of individual identity – is on the verge of becoming fully digital. At this point where will be the control and the power derived from it? But there is more .. The full digitalisation of identity will not stop at persons but extend to ‘things’ from devices large and small, objects fixed and moving, parts of machines and body parts…   situations and industrial processes will all radiate data and create ‘digital twins’ . These twins exist as sets of properties in an analytic layer that is in many hands now but not really under democratic control. The situation is hybrid in the sense that the digital twins actually begin to actuate back in the analogue objects. This is the moment of ontological change.

With Rob van Kranenburg and Gaëlle Le Gars.

Webinar: December 22

Link coming up soon.

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