TECHEXPO session: From dashboards to purpose driven change

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TECHEXPO session: From dashboards to purpose driven change
25/11/2020 – 16:08

TECHEXPO session: From dashboards to purpose driven change

    •    Mo Fors, Head of Global Commercial Digital Innovation & Head Botanist @ Digital Garden, Almirall
    •    Martin Ernst, Digital Transformation Champion, Schlumberger
    •    Frank Hermans, CEO, InnoTractor
    •    Kris Kupilas, R&D Digital Transformation Lead, ArcelorMitta

The discussion was structured around four topics that were pre-discussed with the participants:

1. We should no longer talk about digital transformation but business transformation and change management as IoT is so central and embedded in concrete reality. In fact we can say that the world in which we work is no longer readable in terms of real and digital, but is going hybrid.

2. All of you have a real history in IoT before it was called IoT. You have seen and lived the playful, let’s try things out days that are now more serious as they went from demo to real implementations. So you have helped to shape the terminology itself. Singling out one important one that seems to have a lot of different aspects is: digital twin. How would you define that?

3. The issue of Trust is paramount in the relationship between OT and IoT. You have identified as one of the critical potential hindrances to adoption of IoT the fact that there is no strategic roadmap as to how the IoT industry should influence future OT architectures in terms of security and legacy. Standardization is happening on the level of protocol, should it happen on the level of architectures as well?

4. How has Covid affected your work and your future vision on new projects and investments?

COVID19 has greatly kickstarted digital solutions in domains like healthcare with about a decade, for example in virtual clinical rials, remote working, prioritized contactless in the supply (especially cold) chain and generally has forced companies like to prioritize and start experimenting with remote supervision of assets in the wild. The general feeling of the panel, expressed by Kris Kupilas is ‘Don’t stop’ but be flexible in attaining the same or better goals with different tools. As such COVID19 seems basically to enhance the fact that the ‘digital’ in transformation, although it definitely needs technical expertise, has become so embedded that talking about change management or business transformation is a better way to convey the urgency of cross-industry cooperation and the move from superficial data collection ported to a ‘dashboard’ to more co-creation with clients on the purpose of the change and the realization that this change is never finished, but always ongoing and continuous. Helpful concepts like ‘digital twin’, though still in ‘fancy word’ mode for a general audience; become more and more concrete operational tools in the sense of helping to build a coherent narrative throughout the company and all its layers.


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