Discussion at IOTWSC 2020: Disposable Identities and Digital Twins

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Discussion at IOTWSC 2020: Disposable Identities and Digital Twins
24/11/2020 – 13:58

We have a broad informal discussion on how the forces of centralization and decentralization are playing out currently and what kind of thinking, tools and technologies are being pushed in which direction. It seems we are in one of those moments that Gramsci called ‘Ceasarist’ where two opposing forces hold each other in check. That image always conjures up third party dogs running away with a bone or two.

Use cases such as digital twins, the tactile internet, holographic communications are being discussed in ICANN on the ‘New IP’ proposal that Huawei  & Futurewei submitted to ITU last July 2018. Replacing the current IP protocol with new IP has geopolitical aspirations. If embed contract code is embedded in circuit switching this implies strong regulatory binding of the IP address to the user. We discuss the use of disposable identities, SSI and new IP protocols from the human centric perspective of NGI.eu. (Next Generation Internet).


  • Rob van Kranenburg · IoT Council
  • Gaël Blondelle · Eclipse Foundation
  • Petros KAVASSALIS · UAegean
  • Michele Nati · IOTA Foundation
  • Rob Tiffany · Ericsson

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