Mark J. Heiferling: : AI Digital Pheromones (An Industry First) 

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Mark J. Heiferling: : AI Digital Pheromones (An Industry First) 
21/11/2020 – 08:43

AI Digital Pheromones (An Industry First) IMMEDIATE ALERTS WHEN THINGS GO WRONG
Reduce cost and errors, while increasing safety, reliability and uptime with real-time analytics and problem detection for the Internet of Things (IoT). Digital Pheromones AI based upon recent Edge Computing (Swarm-Edge™) analyzes data from the production floors, machinery, and sensors, buildings, machines and cars to deliver timely alerts, visualizations and insights that facilitate optimization, improve operational maintenance and empower results. (US Patented)
Bluetronix AI leverages the stream data generated by IoT such as meter readings, sensor data, error events, voltage readings and much more. Patented machine learning monitors data over time to automatically detect out-of-the-ordinary data and events, deliver diagnoses and make preemptive recommendations that represent significant cost savings, increased safety, and more customer satisfaction.
Some popular IoT use cases include:
Industrial: Be proactive about operational maintenance, and reduce downtime and bottlenecks, by analyzing machine status in real time.
Factory IoT 2020: Optimize and streamline manufacturing processes and quality assurance by identifying issues in production rate, machine readings, quality control and more.
Pending Connected Cars: Increase safety, reduce insurance and operational maintenance cost with real-time diagnostics, reporting of malfunctions, and even identifying and highlighting risky driving in real time.
Connected buildings: Reduce operational cost and preempt service calls by detecting maintenance issues and unusual utility usage.

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